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How Storytelling can liven up Business Communication

Storytelling is referred to by some experts as the future of internal communication.  Telling stories is not new and has been around for thousands of years. Many psychologists can tell you that something is better remembered if it is linked to a compelling story.  This is just how our brains work.

This is why storytelling can be a powerful internal communication tool to engage and inspire employees. Using stories for internal communication messages could evoke a shared sense of identity due to an emotional connection with the stories. Language
can be used to the business' advantage as it can evoke such emotional connection with other employees and what the business stands for. Businesses therefore now also use stories to share or explain their business culture or goals. The business can, for example, use stories to explain difficult data, facts, and figures.  Stories can also provide some added insight into its operations and vision and mission. Many employees have interesting back…
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Why Integrated Communication is Essential for Better Customer Service

Integrated communication (IC), if applied correctly in the business, will help you to build long term relationships with your customers. You can somewhat control how customers feel about your business through unified communication and messaging. I still consider Don Schultz as one of the pioneers of the integrated communications concept. Although theorists are still trying to work out a united definition of what integrated communication entails, the majority of literature on the topic indicates that by controlling all communication the brand of the business is enhanced through a consistent brand image, which could eventually result in better sales. Having loyal customers can only benefit the business through repeated sales.

Sounds impossible?  Exactly how can integrated communication be achieved?
·The top management must first of all understand integrated communication. Integrated communication can only be achieved when it is implemented throughout the business in the correct manner. Th…

Fear of Public Speaking is all in the Mind

The fear of speaking in public is very real and many people’s biggest anxiety. Some people stop breathing, start stuttering and sweat excessively when they need to speak in front of other people. A fear of speaking in public has nothing to do with incompetence. Even people in top positions had to overcome the fear to speak in front of a large crowd of people. Some well-known public speakers still feel butterflies just before they step onto the stage, which is quite normal. I know somebody who never applied for promotion because the new position entailed speaking in public. The good news is that fear of speaking in public is only in the mind and has mainly to do with how a person thinks about him or herself when being in that position. The brain is an amazing organ with unimaginable capabilities. Neuro-programming is a powerful self-improvement technique to help you climb the corporate ladder and to adjust your brain into thinking differently. Fear of public speaking can be overcome with…