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How to Prevent Rumours in the Business Through Communication

As a manager you have the added responsibility to look after the communication in the business, that is to make sure that communication is coordinated, early enough, frequent and clear.  Many large businesses have communications employees to deal with the communication aspects for the business, but it ultimately remains the responsibility of the manager.  It is human nature to discuss issue with you colleagues, especially if there is uncertainty about unforeseen changes in the business or problems with employees.  But it is important to stop or prevent rumours early enough before they get out of hand, damage the reputation of the business or the morale of the employees.  What role should the manager play to put an end or prevent rumours in the business? A weekly blog on the Intranet is increasingly being used by managers worldwide to inform employees about goings-on in the business or to obtain feedback on an important matter.  Similarly this blog can be used to put an end or to prev…