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Use of Social Media at the Office – Good or Bad?

Many businesses that used to deny employees access to social media are now increasingly making access available.  It is as if there is a renewed awareness that use of social at the office is not necessarily always a bad thing.   The main reason why businesses did not in the beginning want to give employees access to social media is because of fear of loss of productivity and even misuse of social media. 
Why is use of social media at the office a good thing?  I can think of at least the following reasons:
A more favourable perception of the business by employees is created which in turn could result in even higher productivity.Networking opportunities for employees outside the business are possible which could benefit the business in the long term.Employees are granted the opportunity to build a personal professional brand through various social media.Employees can even assist in building the company brand through a perception of expertise in the business.Employee…

Right Technology for Seamless Communication Integration

Another key area for seamless integration of business communication is having access to  the right technology or infrastructure.  Many business owners therefore are looking for the right software with which to integrate all messages to or from employees.  I recently discovered Google Enterprise which is a very cost effective way of managing communication in the business.  Google has been widely criticised especially since they seem to almost have a monopoly when it comes to search engines, but I am fascinated by the many possibilities for any business.  So why am I impressed and what can Google Enterprise do to enhance integration? Google has many applications which business owners can use to communicate with employees.  Employees are always connected via email while the communication can be better managed with added productivity applications.  Examples of such applications are:
A calendar where all calendars are visible to the whole teamA cloud drive where all the business documents ca…