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What is Good Leadership in 2014?

Being a leader is not the same as being a manager.  A manager can still be a poor leader or a leader cannot be a good manager.     In an ever changing business environment, known leadership principles also constantly have to adapt with new leadership styles in addition to the old styles.  But what is leadership and what will make a good leader in 2014? 
A good leader inspires other people while ruling or guiding them in the right direction.  But in a world of being connected, a good leader also provides opportunities for what is known as connective leadership.  This means that while managing and leading, the leader also provides opportunities for participation and innovation by giving employees access to experiences and knowledge to grow.  
The leader of 2014 knows exactly what employees' passions are and enable them to use them to the benefit of both the business and the employees.   Employees are skilfully connected with not only their own tasks but also with those of the group…

Team Work is Good for a Business

Team work has become increasingly important in a business, especially since numerous studies confirm that not only are employees more productive when working in a group, but many excellent and innovative ideas had their origin in a group setting to the long-term benefit of the business.
Why is team work good  for a business? In a group setting employees have different skills, talents and working styles which can complement each other while striving towards achieving the same business goals.   Employees have to collaborate while different ideas are shared and tested with peers.  It often happens that employees are encouraged to do their best in a group setting because they trust and respect each other.  However, the opposite is also true if the team consists of different personalities who do not agree which could  result in conflict. To really succeed with a team approach in a business, the culture of the business needs to be one that enhances team performance and competition and not emp…

Why Managing Talent is important for your Business

A business is just as good as its employees and therefore managers aspire to employ only the most talented people.  Not only are talented employees appointed, but star performers are also handpicked for further improvement  of their talents to the benefit of the business through specialised training and skills development programmes.

Why is it so important for a business to manage and develop the talent of its star employees?

First of all it is an investment the business makes in its employees which will pay off in the long term. It is considered a strategic advantage for the business by attaining all of its business objectives through highly skilled employees.It cultivates the loyalty of the best employees in the business because it makes them feel appreciated and rewarded to be handpicked for further training.It also improves the performance of these employees in the business as the training is usually directed linked with business needs.Talent management is closely related to succe…