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Time for a communication audit?

When is the right time to do a communication audit in a business?  Why is it important to know whether communication in a business is effective or not? During a communication audit the strength and weaknesses of all communication in the business is analyzed, namely its communication policies, strategies, practices, messages, capabilities and even the media that are used, including social and other online media. If you have read some of my other postings in this blog, you will know how important communication in a business is.  Lack of effective communication can even cause the business to eventually fail.
When is the right time to do a communication audit?  You could consider a communication audit in your business when:
a major restructuring of the business is taking placethe business seems to be failing and not reaching its objectives.union negotiations are upcominga merger or acquisition of another business might be happeninga new management team is appointedsome external events are a…