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Is Gamification the Answer to Employee Motivation?

Many business owners want to motivate employees for better productivity but lack the knowledge how to do it effectively.  This, however, might become easier for managers in future as some businesses now contemplate using gamification to motivate employees while others already successfully implemented this. 

What is gamification?  Gamification uses game elements such as rewards or badges to reward online users for using a specific service or purchasing a particular product.  In this way users feel appreciated while some might even aspire to gain more rewards.  Game elements also engage users and add a human element to an otherwise impersonal environment.

How can gamification be used in a business environment?  First of all the right software should be obtained and installed on all employees' computers.  Once all employees are registered on the system,  the games can begin.  A good point of departure is for all the other employees to see each others' accolades.  Accolades could be…