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Business Communication should facilitate and encourage Learning

What is a learning organisation and why should business communication facilitate learning? In this article I will interchangeable refer to a business and an organization which basically refers to a company that continuously transforms itself by facilitating the learning of its employees.  Employees in a learning organization share the same vision and have a team approach to learning.  Employees in a learning organization work smarter and are knowledgeable about any new products and processes of the business as well as how the macro-environment affects the business. Training programmes are thus essential to develop employees. The manager uses the skills of employees in the business to come up with creative solutions to any problems facing the business.  To facilitate learning in a business, communication is reliable and trusted by employees. The communication strategy of a business instills trust through honest and transparent communication. Business communication is receptive to learn…

About customer service and effective business communication

Why does effective business communication influence customer service? The reason is straightforward. Customer service includes all instances where a customer comes into direct contact with a business and gets an impression of its service.  This impression can be good or bad. Remember that contact with a business can also include its products, services, value, and after-sales service and even how a product is delivered. Managers often forget about those “behind the scenes activities” which all form part of its customer service, for example processing of claims or capturing of customer data.  Employees all play a role in how a business is perceived (its corporate image) since they are the people who have contact with customers.  Managers could also set an example of good customer service by going that extra mile for the customers as well as employees.
The important task of the manager is to clearly communicate the mission and vision of the business to its employees in terms of service va…