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The role of business communication in employee branding

Business communication can also enhance a business’ brand, including its products, through what is known as employee branding.  But what exactly is employee branding?
Employee branding refers to employees’ behaviour that shapes the identity of the brand.  The employee basically projects the brand by acting in specific way when dealing with current or potential customers. This can be through good customer service and other work behaviour that creates a specific perception of the business in the minds of customers.
Effective business communication can play a role in employee branding because employees are empowered through how motivated they feel, how they understand their different roles in the business and if they completely understand the mission and vision of the business. If the business is committed to being a learning organization, employees even take ownership of their roles and tasks in the business. A learning organization generally provides more opportunities to employees to ac…

Should the manager concentrate on the task or the people?

Many business communication scholars and theorists consider a task-oriented manager as autocratic, but in some instances it is necessary to separate the task from the  employee performing that task.  This post explores when it is necessary for the manager to stay objective and to focus only on the task.
Typically in a task oriented business environment, employees are doing a specialised  kind of task and receive instructions from the top. The business offers a limited amount of goods and services. Employees are expected to follow  instructions to complete their tasks,  know exactly what are expected from them and how they will be compensated when they achieve their goals  for the month.  Rules are important in this kind of environment, but employees often consider this as a sign that they are perceived as being untrustworthy.  Many employees embrace the opportunity to specialise in an environment where they can safely follow a routine. However, modern businesses that offer many differe…