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Why your employees might be resistant to change

Implementing changes in a business could be very difficult but even more if employees are not in favour of the changes.  By knowing why employees might be resistant to change, effective communication strategies and media could be developed in advance to overcome any obstacles and to adequately  inform employees about the changes (also read my post on how to communicate changes).
Here are the five most common reasons why employees might resist the changes you want to implement in your business:

Employees do not really see or understand the need for any changes.Fear of management changing the status quo.Reluctance to work with other colleagues or in different teams.Employees not willing to take on more responsibilities.Employees might fear retrenchments, early retirement or other issues that might threaten their long-term security in the business.Honest and open communication play a crucial role in implementing changes in the business. Employees need to receive detailed information about …

Change management process: How to communicate changes

Any change management process requires good communication skills as many employees are naturally resistant to change.  If changes in the business are also not congruent with some employees' self-seeking interests, the challenge for managers is even greater.  Employees also have unique personalities and may react to change differently (also read my post why employees might be resistant to change).

Employees need to prepared for the change in the business and all changes need be reinforced.  What role does communication play in the change management process?

Before the changes are implemented, the manager first needs to motivate employees to appreciate the need for the change.Many employees feel too comfortable in the current status quo and need to see how the changes could benefit them in the long term.The manager could, for example, communicate current problems in the business and explain how the changes would solve them and also benefit the employees.  Numerous tools are available …